Some SATA III version disks are not working in IOCELL Networks NDAS products.

Hitachi 5K3000, 7K1000.c & 7K3000

Hitachi SATA III drives listed above are reported incompatible with the NetDISK 351UNE and 352UN due to the currently installed SATA controller. The disks did appear when when mounting the drive by NDAS. Hitachi naming conventions are notoriously hard to determine though. Click here to visit Hitachi's model search page for more information.


Seagate model ST2000DL003 & ST1500DL003 were reported incompatible with the NetDISK 352UN.The center screws on the hard disk cover are about 1mm to high, so the drive cannot be fully inserted into the case without some modification.

Seagate Constellation series are high speed drives with high startup amperage requirements. It has been reported that two constellation drives do not start up in the 352UN due to the higher amperage requirement.

Western Digital

One user reported that two WD20EARX required a jumper pin setting in order to fix the drive at the SATA II standard. Click Here for some instructions from Western Digital about setting this jumper pin.

Update 2012-03-18 - We have recently then tested several new WD20EARX found no issue in our 352UN 4TB model. So we await any further feedback regarding this.