Some sources for NDAS connections are now on GitHub.

Windows 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000
Description Current Version Size Download
supports Auto Register capable NDAS devices. Bug fixes for Windows 7 3.72 7.4 MB download
Supports NDIS 6.0 NIC French Menus, Spanish Menus Adjustment in LPX protocol with Vista 3.61 7.0 MB download
New: Forced dismount after 5 retries * Recommended to process Explorer first. 3.50 6.7 MB download
IOCELL Networks NDAS driver 3.43 6.3 MB


Available Source:      
Windows 98SE/ ME
Description Current Version Size Download
Ximeta's NDAS driver for Windows 98SE/ME. This package is provided under legacy conditions. The NDAS connection software has limited functionality and is no longer officially supported by Ximeta and may not work with all NDAS hardware. Please see the readme.txt files before installing 3.72 7.4 MB download
Mac OSX Lion
Description Current Version Size Download

The driver for Mac Lion is in development If you would like to be notified of developments and release, please click here join the notification list.

To join development, please checkout the source from here


n/a n/a n/a
Mac OSX Snow Leopard
Description Current Version Size Download
Beta Version for Mac OS X Snow Leopard 32Bit only 1.8.4 2.4 MB download
Available Source:      
Mac OSX 10.4/ OSX 10.5 Tiger and Leopard
Description Current Version Size Download
Mac OS X 10.4 ? 10.5 Tiger and Leopard 1.8.3 5.9 MB download

Wiki How-to's can be found at the following:





There are two source code projects now:

Code tree from Ximeta to latest by IOCELL Networks:

Linux Kernel version in preparation for staging into the Linux mainline: 


Installation packages linked below are community built and maintained. They are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. By installing or using any of these packages or authorizing any other person to do so, you are accepting the terms of all licenses and agreements provided within are are bound by their terms.

 You'll need the modules and ndasadmin commandline interface to use NDAS. To install, right click on the proper version, save to a known location then install with your distributions package program. For older versions click here to check the development code repository.

Fedora 18 i386 32bit modules ndasadmin  
Fedora 17 x86_64bit modules ndasadmin  
Source Packages (requires make, kernel source or headers, gcc for compilation.) x86_32 x86_64 ARM
Kernel 3.7.9 (Built on Fedora 18) download    
Kernel 3.4.5 download download  
Kernel 2.6.32 download    
Kernel 2.4.x - 2.6.24      
This is the last commercial version released in 2008. Apply the patches and it will run until Kernel 2.6.35 or so. 1.1-24 231kb x86
  1.1-24   231kb x64 
Patches. Unzip this file in the source code directory and apply in order using "patch -p1 < #.patch" 1.1-24  70kb 1-8.patch