What is NDAS?

NDAS stands for "Network Direct Attached Storage." This is IOCELL Networks' patented technology which connects digital storage devices (HDD, ODD, Memory, Tape Drives) directly to a local area network using standard Ethernet connections. After installing the connection protocol and registering each device, a host computer or other device can directly control, use and share the storage.


Storage is connected to the LAN by Ethernet and can then be accessed by wired or wireless computers or other device and used by multiple users at once.


Each host system can have direct access to the storage. Hard disks appear as local disks, as if they were installed in the computer.


It is an external storage device that is directly attached to the network. Many NDAS devices also have single host connections such as USB or eSATA for seamless portability as well.


HDD, DVD, SSD, Tape drives and etc, basically any standard storage can be accessed on the network by NDAS.



NDAS Superiority

Networking Simplified for Home users

NDAS technology is so simple and easy to use. Any PC user can use the high performance NETDISK without an extensive knowledge of network configuration, folder sharing, TCP/IP configuration, DHCP settings and so on. After connecting the storage device to the network and performing a familiar software installation routine the NDAS device will appear as an additional hard drive on your computer.

1. Just plug NDAS into the networks switch (LAN ports) and turn on the switch.

2. Install driver software - just put in driver software CD into the computer, it is all automatic

3. Add ID and Key for your privacy and security of data



High performance

NDAS technology does not use an operating system inside the device. So the storage can be directly controlled by the computers. This trimmed down interface has been known to deliver data at speeds equal too and even exceeding the computers internal hard drives! It is consistently hailed as one of the fastest storage systems in the market.

Why is NDAS so fast?

NDAS is connected via the network, but the structure and data path end up similar to the computer's internal storage. Other network storage configurations force data through more processing functions and more complex protocol stacks which slow down access. By using our Lean Packet Exchange protocol, NDAS can achieve a faster network storage for a lower cost. 

The chart on the right illustrates the simple architecture of NDAS compared to other methods. In this case, less processing provides more speed.



Speed Comparison

How fast is NETDISK with NDAS

A standard NDAS device often runs 25% to 60% faster in standard 100base T Ethernet hardware. Gigabit enabled NDAS devices have been clocked above 70Mbps in many different tests.



Unlimited Expansion on Demand

One of the most important features is the scalability for future upgrades or potential disaster recovery and prevention. NDAS technology provides users with a security and peace of mind knowing that backups for precious data are there on the local network, and effectively hidden from external intruders.

NDAS can also provide storage for a vast amount of personal data. With today's ever growing influx of digital images, personal movies and document creation, it becomes more important than ever to easily and swiftly install more storage space on almost every network. For this, NDAS devices are the best solution.

When you are running out of backup space, or just need more data storage, simply connect an additional NETDISK to the LAN, and you are ready to go.




Block access to some computers

NDAS uses an ID and WRITE KEY calculation to control access to the hardware. Each computer that will use the drive enters the ID to provide different levels of access. Without knowing the ID, the presence of the NDAS device is unnoticed via TCP/IP communication. Devices cannot access the NDAS device even though they are connected on the same network


Write Blocking

Sometimes administrators prefer to force read only access to certain data on the network. In this case, the original data remains secure. With NDAS, the WRITE KEY can be left out during registration in order to prevent users from writing, erasing or causing other damage the original data.


Increased protection against external hacking

NDAS is safer against Internet based intrusion onto your network. Since the NDAS protocol will not move beyond the router, it is impossible for a hacker to directly access the NDAS device from beyond your router when invading your network by TCP/IP based methods.



Various Application

Save Everything and Share Everything

  • NETDISK is a network accessible storage but users may conveniently access it as local disk drive. It does not require difficult knowledge as with more complex network storage systems. Just save everything and share everything.
  • No more slowing down your e-mail to send/receive big data, no more lost USB memory sticks, no more zip files.
  • NDAS can centralize all your data in the NETDISK and let every PC, Laptop, PDA share it.


  • With speed that parallels that of internal storage, your PC can take advantage of backing up data even faster. It's perfect for making backups of your company's sensitive data.
  • Store all digital photos, emails, movie clips, CDs, DVDs, downloaded multi-media files, archives and the like in one place for real-time redundancy.

Secured Data

  • When you need to secure the original data, just share the NDAS ID and those users will use NDAS in READ ONLY mode.
  • Even on the local area network, unless the computers are granted the NDAS ID they cannot see the stored data.
  • Volumes and folders on the various NDAS drives can also be encrypted with various programs to prevent access.
  • Great for public or office use.

Multimedia, Digital Applications

  • IOCELL Networks co-develops NDAS technology and compatibility with any multimedia companies, enabling everyone to use NDAS for their multi-media storage.




Low Cost Operation

With IOCELL Networks’ innovative technology, users can quickly deploy large amounts of network storage for just a little more than the price of a USB external drive.

Best in-class network storage at the price of a simple external storage

  • From major retail shops and many on-line venues around the world
  • You can get various NDAS solution and products
  • Look for IOCELL Networks’ own brand, “NETDISK” and our partners products such as “MediaBox” by EXUMA.